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Mine Foreman - Supervisor in Weeks Island at Morton Salt

Date Posted: 5/19/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description




Functional Area

Mine Operation UG.

Reports to

Mine General Foreman



  • To ensure safety is the number 1 priority at the mine across all departments. Enforces rules and policies fair and evenly on their crew. Shows respect for each individual Department, and does not direct, cross over lines or interfere with other Departments.
  • Leads by example and will not allow any unsafe acts to happen as a result of a shortcut being a quicker way to perform a task. Holds workers accountable if such actions are witnessed or brought to their attention by another source and if through investigation proves merit in the accusation. Will not in any way perform an unsafe act which would only promote an unsafe culture.
  • Work with employees to explain the reasons behind and process of Work place inspections. Reviews documentation to recognize accuracy of inspection.
  • Works with employees on accident reports and investigations making sure proper care is taken when filled out and turned in to the Safety Department in a timely fashion.
  • Conducts regular Safety and Toolbox Meetings and share input.
  • Goes over Company SOP’s with employees and collects signatures of employees to track who has been properly trained on a Tool Box Meeting form for that specific SOP. (turn into Mine Manager)
  • Helps instruct and teach employees how to utilize their time to reach full potential and productivity through time management and organization. Teaches workforce the importance of CLEAN work areas and PROPER care of equipment by being involved and available when needed and being proactive when witnessing actions that are contradictory to desired outcome. Creates awareness in the mining department to the cost of wasted materials resulting from neglect or unorganized practices.
  • To be actively involved with employees as to promote safe extraction of rock due to ground types and surrounding mine infrastructure to assure safe accesses for temp. or long term excavations.
  • To be actively involved with maint to communicate safety deficiencies with equipment and wear and tear issues to keep equipment availability optimal.
  • Works with Survey and Engineering to make sure line and grade are current to keep heading advancement moving. 
  • Performs regular workplace inspections and follows through to make sure desired result is attained. Holds employees accountable for undesirable work performance be it time management, substandard quality or careless acts that negatively affect the planned production of the mine.
  • Acknowledges success thru positive reinforcement and holds employees accountable to explain why expectations were not reached. Works positively with employees to teach, explain and discuss ways to avoid not reaching goals.
  • Stands out as a teacher and role model for employees when it comes to interaction with employees.
  • Promotes an atmosphere where employees have freedom to express ideas and opinions and be self-motivated to improve their work area to be successful and rewards ideas thru positive recognition of accomplishments.
  • Keeps and open door policy.
  • Discusses with crews ideas about infrastructure and involves employees in decisions to advance a team spirit.
  • To intercept and realign the mining process when unforeseen circumstances may slow, stop productivity or interfere with the MINE PLAN. Assess and develop a plan to minimize loss and return productivity to optimal amount.
  • Through observation recognizes individuals with potential that require positive acknowledgement or individuals that need retrained or reprimanded. Notifying the Mine General Foreman in either case.
  • Makes sure documentation for employees is accurate and filled out in a timely fashion. Quizzes employees from time to time to make sure training is retained and remembered. Follows up with employees to make sure any corrective actions have been taken if needed.
  • Provides employees with tech. support as needed.
  • Enforces Safety rules, SOP’s, House Keeping, and Productivity to promote a SAFE, CLEAN and PRODUCTIVE CULTURE.
  • Communication

  •        Mine depart. To assure rules and regulations are followed. Communicate pleasure or dis-pleasure with productivity outcome. Set reasonable goals to achieve with the information needed to reach set goals. Hold individuals including myself accountable for outcomes.

  •        Proper paper work is filled out and turned in in a timely fashion to the appropriate department be it positive negative or indifferent

    Team work

  •        Positive communication with all departments. Fosters a team attitude to help each other reach goals whether in my department or helping another to reach theirs thru team work.

    Problem solving

  •        Not afraid to take action and make decisions. Always seeking a more productive way to accomplish goals and tasks without compromising safety. Always challenge myself.

    Self Management

    Always look for ways to maximize productivity. Look for areas that require repair. People that require extra training. Never accept that things are going smooth or well, always be thinking of a backup plan. Keep an open dialogue with employees. Be consistent and fair

    Planning and organizing

  •        Keep an eye on a minimum 2 week plan. For power advances, pump swaps new drifts ect. Equipment scheduling for work and availability.

  •        Keeping headings in cycle to not overload the system and create delays.

  •        Engineering and Survey need to be kept in the loop when heading become available to asbuild and install spads L&G


    •       Basic knowledge of Excel, Microsoft word and power point


    •       Makes decisions and learns from each decision from the outcome. Good or bad accepts the responsibility of the decision and uses the knowledge in a positive manner to become a better more confident leader

    Initiative and enterprise

    •       Takes a proactive approach to the mine department and its activities as a whole and constantly challenges themselves to come up with cost effective more efficient ways to be productive keeping costs low and safety high. Look at the job as their own business and what can be done to make it a success for the long term. Never accepts that things are being done the best way possible that there is always room for improvement.



    Key Performance Indicator

    Crew Line out

    Crew understands and completes the tasks given

    Tools available

    The items needed to do the job are available by doing daily checks to ensure we have what is needed. Deficiencies are communicated up the ladder to get what is needed


    Crew must explain why a task was not completed to better prepare for the possible challenge.




    Reports to: Mine General Foreman


    Internal Contacts: workforce in Mine Ops.

    External Contacts:




    Decisions made in the position: The day to day operations of the Underground Mining aspects and meeting of deadlines. Enforce safety rules and deliver positive or negative enforcement as appropriate. Ground type recognition and ground management. Utilization of people and equipment.

    Decisions referred: Schedule changes. Special Project planning. Assigning tasks beyond direct reports. Design of development and ventilation engineering plans. Hiring or Termination of employment of individuals.


    Employees are responsible and accountable for:

    •       Making sure all people under my department are fully trained and signed off with the appropriate paper work for the tasks they are expected to perform.

    •       Listens to suggestions, ideas and concerns from workforce. Follows thru with actions and relays the information back in a timely fashion to show care for each person’s opinion, idea and concern.

    •       Holds each employee to a high level of safety and performance. Is fair and consistent when dealing with deficiencies that need addressed. Explains why and what the result has brought.

    •       Insists that the mine be kept in good order and neat to promote a safe and sanitary work environment.


  • Safety
  • Training
  • Quality
  • Production
  • Inventory
  • Results


    Day/ 1st Shift; Shift starts at 5:00am and ends at 3:00pm (10hr Shift)

    Afternoon/ 2nd Shift; Shift starts at 2:00pm and ends at 12:00am (10hr Shift)

    Grave yard/ 3rd shift; Shift starts at 11:00pm and ends at 7:00am (8hr shift)


    4:45am, 6:30am & 1:45pm Communicate with Production and/or Maintenance Foreman and build plan for the crew’s daily activity.

    The Foreman will line out the shift according to the mine plan to achieve the targets that are set according to the MINE PLAN. If breaks in the plan need to be made, then a reason must be given to the Mine General Foreman the following day.

    The FOREMAN will fill out The Daily Line out card for everyone detailing the days plan in order of priority.

    This will give the individual a clear understanding of what is expected for the shift. The comments section is to be filled out by crew member to explain what delays may have interfered with this plan.

    All completed tasks will be documented on this card in the appropriate location.

    This will also verify a crew member being onsite for a given shift in the event of a payroll issue.

    Foreman will have a lineout with the crew, discuss safety topics, SOP’s, the daily plan and tools needed to accomplish the plan.

    Foreman is responsible to ensure the crew shows up on time to be ready for lineout promptly at 5:00am, 2pm and 11pm

    The day’s events will be tracked ACCURATELY and DETAILED in the MINE LOG for each shift. Explaining what was done, what needs done yet and tools needed for the next step.

    Throughout the shift the Foreman will Visit each active heading and audit the condition if relevant:

  • Power cables are hung/stowed properly with cross over blocks where necessary.
  • Is ventilation is sweeping the face.
  • Ground condition inspection.
  • Cleanliness of work area.
  • Cleaned ribs.
  • Does the area need scaling?
  • Power advances needed.
  • Grade lines available.
  • Sign date and time of visit on crew members white card with in the first 2hrs of shift start. Only if it is filled out. And if it is not, WHY?
  • Condition of, muckbay, portable restrooms, trash cans, laydowns ect. Noting and communicating any deficiencies and getting them corrected immediately.
  • Heading mucked to grade and clean.
  • Equipment greased and maintained?
  • Heading bolted to standard with long support and utility hangers if required.
  • Face is inspected for miss holes and bootleg
  • Visit all employees a second time during shift. Sign date and time of 2nd visit on crew members white card
  • Verify Proper Line and Grade are being followed.
  • Equipment greased and maintained?
  • Employees are working safe, know and are following the rules.
  • Verifying employees are trained to do the task and understands what is involved in the task from start to finish.
  • Corrects any substandard actions accordingly through coaching and or reprimand.
  • Ensures the crew arrives on time for shift and has filled out ALL paperwork filled out correctly at the end of shift.
  • Interacts with crew members and quizzes them on their task to make sure they understand what is involved.
  • Provides support, advice and expertise when guidance is needed.
  • Practices proper time management and deployment of crew members to accomplish the goals and plans set out to succeed in the big picture.
  • Looks forward to things that will be happening in the next week to make sure items are on hand and available to keep working.
  • The entire mine is your work area. You are responsible to look at all travel ways while traveling the mine looking for hazardous conditions and addressing any that are noticed.
  • Take the time to do a professional job of covering the mine.
  • Don’t rush from area to area.
  • Know where all employees are working and see everyone twice per shift minimum.
  • Verify end of shift paperwork turned in by employees (workplace exam, equipment pre-op, blast/explosives paperwork ETC) is accurate, correct and complete.     
  • End of Shift                                                          

    End early enough to clean up and prepare for the cross shift to show up. Be organized and know the status of the project to give an accurate passdown to the Foreman coming on.

    Compile all data from the crew and production cards to enter into the electronic time sheet and the Foremans log. Makes sure to READ and VERIFY paperwork is filled out PROPERLY.

    ACCURATELY fills out all required paperwork/spreadsheets before turning in at the end of shift.

    Foreman will report detailed and accurate equipment issues via SAP notifications

    Holds crew accountable for quality of work, missing targets and investigates what caused the issue.

    Notifies verbally or through email, the General Foreman and Mine Manager of items we may need before it becomes a production issue. EXAMPLE: Collar Pipe, Anti Static Hose, bits ETC—


    Field work will include underground and surface industrial environment where potential dust, high temperatures, and other industrial and mine related hazards may be encountered. High work will be needed for measurement and monitoring activities.


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